Bringing together a state of the art 5G network indoors and outdoors, a LoRaWAN network and expertise you need to develop your product and bring it to market quicker.


SWIFt believes in the power of collaboration between industry and academia. Our mix of expertise and state of the art facilities will provide you with the recipe for success.


SWIFt can provide the technical expertise you need to overcome any specific challenge or difficulty you encounter in your products development stage.


Access to a private 5G testbed – Trialling and developing solutions on a state of the art private 5G Network Indoors & Outdoors.

Access to a LoraWAN network – Protyping and testing IOT solutions on a LoRaWAN network across the university campus.

Support with your research agenda – Work with our experts and technical specialists to help answer the challenging questions.

Product development and prototyping – Trial and develop solutions in a safe real world environment, to ensure that it is fully market ready.

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Product testing and user trials – Conduct user trials on a real-world audience, in a controlled and measured environment. Gain valuable insight into your product before it reaches the public.

Joint Collaboration – Our team can help connect you with the right academics and expertise to submit join funding bids on research calls.

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SWIFt is a commercial testbed facility available to SME’s, scale-ups, larger organisations, and academic institutions. To support and accelerate the development and adoption of digital technology and wireless networks-based solutions. SWIFt is based in the Engineering Building at NTU’s Clifton campus. The Clifton campus is a secure area, owned by NTU and therefore makes an ideal testbed facility.

SWIFt provides state of the art facilities for companies and academic institutions to innovate in the areas of digital technologies and wireless networks through the provision of an electronics workshop, a showcase/demonstration room and wireless networks including LoRaWAN and 5G installed internally and externally across the campus.

Our facilities

We are delighted to be working with Stuart and his team at the SWIFt Wireless Facility to develop LoRaWAN capability and showcase our latest OpenSmartMonitor product.