What we do

SWIFt’s range of services has been designed to ensure customers, partners and collaborators can be supported across all stages of the New Product Development cycle from concept to commercialisation. Our services include:

  • Access to the private 5G testbed (Indoors & Outdoors)
  • Access to the LoraWAN network
  • Support with your research agenda
  • Product development and prototyping
  • Product testing and user trials
  • Joint Collaboration on Research and funding bids
  • Private Consultancy

Working with us

Wherever you are in your innovation journey, we are here to help. Our support services span the 4 key stages of the New Product Development (NPD) process and can help you to take it from ‘concept to commercialisation.

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The 4 key stages:

CONCEPTION – Identifying, developing and appraising ideas that come from consumer requirements, or from technology-based opportunities. We can help you to clarify the strength of your idea and its potential to succeed.

CREATION – From basic concept design to detailed design and optimisation including design for manufacture, we offer support across a range of disciplines, to ensure your product is designed not only to function, but with consideration for large scale, efficient manufacturing.

CONFIRMATION – This where it gets complex! Ensuring your product meets the required regulations or standards starts here. Our Team can plan the journey with you, guide you or manage the process for you.

REALISATION – Once the product is designed and tested, the challenges of commercialisation emerge. Our team can assist with user trials on our ‘test bed’ enclosed campus.

Our People

Our team members are here as additional resources to your own, to complement your in-house skills and provide solutions as required.

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