Technical Expertise


SWIFt is able to provide technical consultancy and project based consultancy to provide you with the right level of information to start a project, or solve a problem that you are currently struggling with.

Training and Development

SWIFt has developed training and development courses that will upskill your staff in the area of IOT. The sessions which can be delivered in the SWIFt lab or on your customer premises will feature the following areas.

  • Introduction to IOT
  • Hands on with IOT Solutions
  • Advanced Module

Testbed Access

SWIFt has been designed for organisations of any size to access the testbed on a commercial basis. We have a private 5G network internally and externally and operate under an Ofcom trial and development licence.


The SWIFt showcase and meeting space provides a relaxed atmosphere to showcase IoT/5G applications and a variety of networking products and services and to demonstrate technical capability.  It’s a space in which to provide inspiration, advice, teaching, training and guidance. It hosts a number of podiums for demonstrations and is ideal for organisations to show and promote their technologies, products and services.

If you are interested in please contact us to find out more details.

Product Development and Testing

Feasibility Studies

SWIFt is able to offer initial feasibility studies for projects, this initial session involves working with the IOT and 5G technical specialist team to identify potential areas of functionality regarding the project. Usually this is early stage projects, but can be adapted for mature products looking to innovate.

Proof of Concept

Putting the features and outcomes of the feasibility study into practice, to demonstrate practical delivery of the solution on a POC basis.

Single Site Pilot

Utilising the 5G and IOT networks, we are able to offer single site pilots in a real world environment at the Clifton Campus at Nottingham Trent University

Multi Site Pilot (IOT)

With our IOT gateways we are able to provide the opportunity for multi site pilots.


SWIFt is able to assist with the technical rollout and deployment following successful pilot projects.