Here to support you

SWIFt has its own team there to support you, and our academics based across the university can be accessed to assist with specific technical requirements.

Technical specialists

SWIFT has its own Technical specialists that can assist researchers, collaborators and industrial clients with all aspects of the SWIFt lab functionality. Whether your need is to develop and test a piece of hardware in the electronics workshop, or to connect your digital solution to our network, our Technical Specialists can assist you at arm’s length or in greater details as required. We aim to ensure projects are delivered and managed professionally, efficiently and maintain momentum at the pace industry needs to reach its goals.


SWIFt provides access to academics from Nottingham Trent University that have an interest in developing digital technology based solutions or using them as enablers. SWIFt is very much sector agnostic as we see digital technology being appropriated across a broad range of research areas and disciplines. Our collaborators and customers will have access to the knowledge and expertise of these academics.