They connect the NHS with innovative health companies, which helps attract millions of pounds of investment to the region.

They facilitate collaboration across all sectors involved in healthcare including the NHS, social care, public health, universities, third sector and industry. This helps to identify, test and spread ways to drive NHS transformation.

Subsequently this saves NHS money, while generating economic growth and getting technologies to more patients faster. This not only improves patient outcomes but boosts economic growth.

They not only respond to local health needs but also coordinate nationally as part of the AHSN Network to spread innovation throughout the country.

Their work includes:

  • Importing innovations proven to work elsewhere that address the East Midlands’ health challenges
  • Building collaborations between East Midlands healthcare organisations
  • Running ‘Innovation Exchanges’ to match proven solutions to challenges
  • Exporting home-grown innovations outside our regions
    Building collective expertise on key challenges such as the adoption and spread of innovation